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Chordmaps.com - Yours To Play It!

Would You Like to Play a Lot of Chords?

Do you like music?

Have you thought about songwriting?

Are you a music teacher?

A music student?

A guitarist?

A piano player?

Would you like to

experiment with chords? With this tool, you can.

Music Tools for People

Like You and Me


You have a friend... a musical friend... and you can say, “Hey, I’ll choose a major key, and then you can show me...

  1. Bullet - a whole bunch of chords in that key

  2. Bullet - tell me their names

  3. Bullet - show me keyboard pictures of the chords

  4. Bullet - and suggest other chords that might flow together to make cool sounding progressions.”


What if that friend was

as close as your computer!

Would you like to try...

Computer Requirements:

This program is written for

PC’s running Windows.

(We’re hoping to build a Mac

version next.)


All you have to do is POINT and CLICK with a mouse!

The Chord Progression / Songwriting / Music Tool

which allows you to explore chords

in all the major keys...

Watch the concept...

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Watch three common progressions played

in the keys of C and G...

Sounds can be layered, and you have

the option of watching the notes...

This website is a little different, so I thought I’d take a minute to tell you what to expect.  Hi, my name is Steve Mugglin.  I’m a music educator working with kids.

The purpose of this website is to tell you about an educational music tool which may help you if you would like to know more about chords.  For example, if you are a songwriter, or a student taking first or second year music theory classes, or if you are a music teacher working with high school or college students... then you may find this tool helpful.

The main idea is this -- the tool allows you to choose any major key and then explore all kinds of chords (that relate to that key) by clicking with the mouse on various locations on a “musical map.”  You can hear the chords played (using the onboard MIDI sounds on your computer), and you can see the chords displayed on a virtual keyboard.

After hearing and seeing the chords, and watching how certain chords flow smoothly in the direction of other chords, you can then try to learn the same progressions on your piano or keyboard.

The tool is not a game and it’s not a synthesizer.  It just shows you a lot of chords and lets you play them, even complicated ones, just by clicking with the mouse.

(The program runs on computers running Windows.  It runs a little faster on XP than on Vista (Vista seems to have more latency), and it’s easier to explore the maps with a mouse than a touchpad, but it works either way.)

There are three short videos on this page which demonstrate the idea.  I recommend watching those first.  Please feel free to download the trial version.  If the tool works for you, the full version has a unique pricing plan which allows you to choose the price that’s right for you.

Hope you like it.

All the best,

Steve Mugglin

An Honest Word

from One Musician to Another