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Step 2 - The License Agreement

In using our software, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions in our license agreement  (which is also included in the download package.)  In plain language, it means you agree not to...

"Send" this software out... for example, from your web site.
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"Steal" the software... by reverse engineering or any other method.
"Sue" anyone for any reason relating to this software or how it performs.

Step 3 - Download the Free Trial Version.  (for PC’s running Windows)

Note - the Free Trial version works only in the key of C, and some of the outer green boxes are not enabled.

Here is the Free Trial Version download link... - Yours To Play It!

Free Trial Version Download Link

Please follow these instructions.

1 - Download and save the file on your computer.
2 - Unzip the file.
3 - Look in the unzipped folder for the “mouse icon”

and double-click on it.

(NOTE - The Free Trial Version runs on PC’s running Windows.  If you don't hear anything, check to see that your computer’s volume is on, and that the "sound" section of your computer's control panel is set up to play MIDI files.)

Step 4 - Enjoy it!  We hope you will come back again to purchase the full version of - Yours To Play It!

All the best.

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Thank you for your interest.  These steps will guide you through the process for downloading the Free Trial version.